Photo of Esheya Chibueze Paschal

Esheya Chibueze P.

Candidate Application No: SFS531609070004

The Centre for Educational Services JUPEB and Pre-Degree Programme is an intensive coaching curriculum aimed at ensuring adequate exposure to fundamentals of concepts and preparation of eligible students for University admission. It is also very a good head-start for University work. Please click here for more information.

This certifies that the above named student, whose details appear below, has been offered admission into the 2016/2017 Pre-Degree programme of the Centre for Educational Services, AE-FUNAI.


Personal Information

FULL Name: ESHEYA Chibueze Paschal
Sex: Male
Nationality: Nigerian


Pre-Degree Programme

Session: 2016/2017
AE-FUNAI Centre for Educational Services

Proposed Course of Study

Political Science

Faculty of Social Sciences


St.matthew's Nursery And Primary School,ndiulongbo,ohaukwu,ebonyi State

From: 09/2000 To: 07/2006

Noble Comprehensive Secondary School, Ngbo, Ebonyi State

From: 09/2007 To: 07/2014


Contact Information

Address: << protected >>